***************CASH ONLY ON PICK UP DAY***************** 


How Our Deposits Work
* Your deposit is your commitment. It is important that you are sure.

* Your DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE  if it is after 4 weeks of age. NO EXCEPTIONS! After 4 weeks old and you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and will lose your deposit. It will take the remaining 4 weeks to find the right home.

* When placing your deposit you are holding a time slot in the picking order. As soon as the babies are born I will set the date and time each pick has to be made. That will give you 6 weeks to plan to be here to pick out your puppy.  If you cannot be here at that time it will have to be done by phone from the photos on my website. So please be available for your time slot or I will have to move to the person next in line. Make sure I have good working numbers to reach you.

*we want you to look at the puppy before making a deposit. If you give a check for a deposit I will hold your spot for 3 to 5 business days. Make checks to Vikrant Urs and for $550.  I will trust that you are committed to getting one of our babies.

* You must choose to deposit on either a male or female and color. You may switch gender or color, but only behind other depositors on the list (based on availability).

* If a pup of the gender and color you deposited on is not produced or the female didn’t take you will be moved to another litter, or another pup if available. I can’t control mother nature but will do my best to get you a puppy!

* Please keep in mind the order of pick has nothing to do with how great your pup is going to turn out.  Much more important is the time you spend with your pup after you take him or her home.

* Breeder reserves the right to make any pups unavailable and not for sale to the public.

* Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy a refund will be given of your deposit.

*  If you cannot be here at the time of commitment to pick up the puppy I will do my best to accommodate you within reasonable next couple of days, beyond which I will have to cancel the deal and deposit will be forfeited. So please be available for your time slot. Also please make sure I have good working numbers to reach you.

*To reserve one of our Labrador puppies, you can email /text or call to set up arrangements 813-278-2275 . There is a $550 non-refundable deposit to hold one of our puppies. The balance will be paid in full with cash by 7 weeks, with CASH only. Only fully purchased puppies will be picked up.

*If I can’t get a hold of you when it is time to pick a puppy you will lose your spot. I will make several attempts so please give me all numbers and emails to make it easier to get a hold of you. Puppies are picked between 8 weeks.

* You can send a check for the deposit for no fee, or I take PayPal. I’ll post pictures every week. At 8 – 9 weeks you will need to pick your puppy in the order the deposits were received.

*******CASH ONLY ON PICKUP DAY!********.

                                        Pricing for 2021

Price of each Male Pup is $ 2000.00

Deposit is $ 550.00

Balance at pick-up is $ 1450.00


Price of each Female Pup is $ 1650.00

Deposit is $ 550.00

Balance at pick-up is $ 1100.00

What is a limited registration?

Full registration means no restrictions on breeding. Limited registration is for the pet owner that has no interest in raising puppies. If you have limited registration and you do decide to raise a litter of puppies, you will not be able to register them with AKC.


We do not ship our puppies and have to be picked up.

All puppies will be microchipped no exceptions. The cost is added into the deposit and it will be registered to you as soon as you take your puppy home.  It is very important to make sure your puppy is properly registered to ensure the safety of your baby. It is not a tracking device. If your puppy is lost, stolen or picked up by the dog police they will scan the dog and your name and number will come up on the scanner.