About Us

We breed only a litter every couple of years, and breed strictly keeping into consideration our dogs health. We strive to breed the perfect Labrador Retriever, a beautiful dog conforming to the standard of the breed with soundness of temperament and body. Our goal is that our Labrador Retrievers could go from a duck blind to your couch or be a service dog if asked!
We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this fabulous breed. Thanks for visiting!

Our girl and boy are raised indoors as members of the family, and their puppies will be highly socialized with people, children, and other four legged friends before they are ready for their new homes at eight weeks of age. We are located in north suburb of Tampa Florida, not too far from the Veterans expressways. We are a small hobby breeder, with approximately a litter planned a year or two. We work with our veterinarian to make sure both the mother and pups are in good health.

We only breed when we deem that our girl is in the best health. Our litters tend to be very consistent in quality and temperament and make a great companion dog. The temperament in our litters is very consistent from one puppy to another and we seldom find a big difference in their personalities. The pups are sold to those who want a puppy as a part of their family. These puppies are sold with AKC Registration.